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Janet Carr, an experienced software developer and entrepreneur with thoughts on tech, business, and cooking.

Janet Carr

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Obligatory list of tech and business stuff

It's like a resume, but much more fun.

  • Lots of Programming Languages

    Full languages toolbox thanks to Golang, Clojure(script), Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Nodejs. I've been known to store data in PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, and MongoDB when I'm desperate.

  • Already disagreed and committed

    I have strong opinions about the bad decisions you've made for your architecture and organization, but let's just get it out there already.

  • Up in the night

    Alarms are ringing, and I'm running in the night because of AWS, Terrform, Docker, InfluxDB, and PagerDuty.

  • Business chatter

    Being an entrepreneur means I know sales and marketing are more important than development. Just don't tell the other developers.

Adhesive Digital
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“University drop out, so you know I'm good at this.”

From the blog

Recommended with a cup of coffee.

Frequently asked questions

Isn't it kind of lame to build a personal website with Tailwind-ui?
Tailwind-ui is a great product. I'm trying to get my money's worth here.
What is "Adhesive Digital"?
Just my business name. Makes me look like I'm kind of important on the internet.
I'm confused, are you advertising a blog or your skillset?
Both! I thought it might be fun to say, look how smart (or dumb) I am, and then write about it.
Why is the design of your blog posts so different from this page?
I designed my blog CSS to be optimized for readability. The look and feel I wanted was akin to reading a book.
Will people even read this FAQ section?
I would certainly hope so. I spend all this time writing it.
You mentioned cooking, are there going to be recipes on your blog?
I doubt it, but anything is on the table at this point. Check out the blog and see!

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